Quotes from the World for Wednesday 10/17/MMXII

I’m not afraid of facts, I welcome facts but a congeries of facts is not equivalent to an idea. This is the essential fallacy of the so-called “scientific” mind. People who mistake facts for ideas are incomplete thinkers; they are gossips.

Cynthia Ozick
Cynthia Ozick (b. 1928), U.S. novelist, short–story writer. “We Are the Crazy Lady and Other Feisty Feminist Fables,” The First Ms. Reader, ed. Francine Klagsbrun (1972).


Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

We are half way though our week, it is officially a Hump Day in the Vernon J household.

Today is Wednesday 10/17/V3.3 & it is 40 years since it was today in 1972

We are getting lunch & work today. That’s it.

I got my new edition of Popular Science, the only magazine I can read cover to cover.

The word of the day is fulgurant which is flashing like lightning.

I’m hoping you have a great day!!!!!


My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Wednesday.

Yup, we’ve made another journey round the clock.

The Twelve Thousand One Hundred Third day has come to an end. YES that is bad English, but I’m okay with that. ARE YOU?

Oh too bad, cause this is The Official Blog of Vernon J. BUT if you want to do a special blog entry, let me know.

Should I have the Town House Flip Sides or the Santitas Tortilla Triangles. BY time you read this I will be stuff my face, so you won’t know my decision. UNLESS of course you are sitting on the coach/stool next to me.

Apparently relinking my instagram & twitter accounts are having issues. Apparently my twitter password was not what I thought it was. IT is now.

I had a 5/10 day at work. Its starts about 8 or 8.5 out of 10. Some cardholder decided that we were fraud, cause some employee of some back told her we were. SO I told her we were legitimate department & that she could call customer service. She said that’s what they said you would say, DUH that’s what they pay us to say. She then went on a rant about how I needed to get a real job. you’re telling me sister. I’m working on it.

That’s what kinda stuff I have to put up with.

I changed my cover photo on facebook, I might as well change it on here too. I changed my them, I should’ve really previewed before I did that. You change & learn I guess.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy your day.

Vernon J is IN!