My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Sunday,

I bring you the shocked face on Sunday

Are you surprised you are getting My Evening Report on Sunday? Vernon J is too, He normally don’t do one on non-work days.

BUT today was a good day. Vernon J went outside at about 18.18 & then went to the G-Store. That may be the Grocery Store to you, but it is the G-Store to Vernon J & YOU NOW!

Vernon J had some nacho’s inspired by a conversation April & Brittany of Omaha. So he had some nachos with pork. Cut up a little thin pork chop and put it in the nachos.

He also made some Cheese Broccoli Soup.

No Vernon J didn’t wash my dishes, that’s a project to get done before work tomorrow.

Vernon J is currently watching Coming to America. Apparently Cassandra has never seen it. That needs to change.

Vernon J got a delicious cinnamon roll from my neighbor Tina. See look there is a picture Photo by Vernon J.

Vernon J had a good day. That’s it for now. Catch you on the other side!

The Endless Shrimp Promotion

The promotion is BACK!!!

Red Lobster has brought it back Red Lobster Seafood Restaurants. It is $14.99 + tax. Slightly higher in in Times Square & Hawaii.

I don’t know when it end, but April has been there.

The September price of shrimp is $8.39. So if you eat just under a Kilogram you are coming out ahead.

So get to your closet Red Lobster and get your some shrimp.


So Bright

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

Our present & future is SO BRIGHT.

Today is Sunday 10/14/V3.3 & it is what you are going to make of it.

We know what our past is, we know what are present is (right this moment you read this), we don’t know what are future will be. BUT it is bright, the darkness is behind us. There might be a cloud or two, but the sun or reflection of the sun on the moon is only moments away.

The word of the day is crasis which is composition; constitution; makeup.

Now we move on to what does Vernon J do today.

Today is a day off work, no work at Job 1, 2, or 3. I could continue to relax like I’ve been doing all day. I might stop by the Nebraska GOP Victory office and make some calls. IF I do that it’ll be between 14.00 & 16.00.

There are no sports on TeeVee worth watching today. NASCAR was on last night & I couldn’t even watch it if I wanted  too. I don’t have ESPN.

Mike is laying some hard wood floor in his basement, improving the foundation. I could help him with that. I’m seeing what time he is working on that. He is working on that sometime soon, so I don’t know the details of that.

Those are the two things that I could do.

Here is a look at Vernon J’s schedule for the next 180 hours & 16 mins. I already know it is incorrect cause there is a project that I’ll be doing on Wednesday around lunchtime.

My next day off is Sunday 10/21/V3.3 or it could be Thursday 10/25/V3.3 Saturday 11/03/V3.3 if they enact/approve my new schedule for Thursday/Saturday off at First Data. YES I had to pull up my calendar & check. I realized that I may not have to work at the Benson Center on Tuesday. That is perfect for me cause I have to work Monday night.

Getting up at 06.28 (yes I get up on the eights) isn’t too bad, unless you work till 23.00 the night before. Gotta do what I gotta do.

So I’m looking forward to the next moments that we can share together.

I’m looking forward to Hockey on Friday & Saturday. I’ll be at both of those games. YES the battle of Nebraska goes to the pool this week. Its UNL vs its Big Sister UNO  in the pool. They come to our house first & then we go to there house on Saturday. LET’S GO MAVS!! Did you hear about the new (possible) sports arena that we are going to ask the University of Nebraska Regents (that’s UN or UofN, it isn’t Nebraska University) to approve in a really nice voice. I would suggest you go to & find out who your regent is. Then contact them and inform them of how you feel about this project.

  • John (Chancellor of UNO) said the University would not seek direct appropriations from the Nebraska Legislature or occupational taxes from City of Omaha.
  • WE need this to be a Top-Tier hockey program
  • WE need this to have the Summit League Conference Championships in Volleyball or Basketball
  • I also support this.
Those are just a few reasons why you should tell your regent to vote yes. BUT if you aren’t in support of this project, you can e-mail them and inform them to vote no. PLEASE DON’T!

Well we are nearing that DC word count that we always fear in blogging circles, there is no such fear. So I’m going to cut this one off at this point.

Vernon J out.

1st Song of the Day

I guess Kenny Rogers – Buy me a Rose would be my official 1st song of the day. BUT this one was on my mind before the other one.

Enjoy it.