Well let’s roll this

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

Biscuits, Sushi, Egg, Vinson. We can roll alot of stuff. Don’t forget about the Jelly ones either.

Today is Thursday 10/11/V3.3 & I’m not doing anything special today, cause I can count 3 consecutive digits in a row.

So we got our special Thursday edition of I work two shifts today. Okay, there isn’t anything special about that, but I’m all in charge today. My supervisor is out sick today.

No it isn’t that, It is Vernon J I do hope you’ll text me back & that way I can teach you about the proper noun usage. Proper noun

The word of the day is litotes which is understatment, especially that in which an affirmative is expressed by the negative of its contrary.

I just listened to Rebecca’s My Moment. I hope that YOUR moment is good, great, or better than you ever expected. Remember you are here to live, laugh, & just possible love.

That’s a wrap.

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