Good Afternoon & Happy Friday,

We are like Diamonds in the sky.

Today is Friday 10/05/V3.3 & is this a great way to continue this weekend or what.

Rhianna – Diamonds was playing, diamonds mean no more/less then they did a half hour ago.

Which means that no one has put a ring on it. NOW this song playing is something I can get behind (twitter post at 13.02) YUP I just referenced a complete social network from the Official Blog of Vernon J & back.

The word of the day is hirtellous which is minutely hirsute.

There was science & Cartography discussed on twitter today.

I wonder if I’m doing anything tonight, no I don’t actually know at this point. What do you think I’m in charge or something?

I don’t have much, but make the most of it.

Quotes from the World for Friday 10/05/MMXII

We grew up founding our dreams on the infinite promise of American advertising. I still believe that one can learn to play the piano by mail and that mud will give you a perfect complexion.

Zelda Fitzgerald
Zelda Fitzgerald (1900–1948), U.S. writer. Alabama Beggs, in Save Me the Waltz, ch. 4, sect. 3 (1932).

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-05

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Just Once.

I had a good day.

I don’t have much to report on this evening report. I’m glad we can agree to enjoy this week’s FNP!

It is PROUDLY presented by Google Chrome (which is the official browser of Vernon J) & also Nice 9 grain bread. YUM!!!

That’s all for now.

Here’s to US!