If today

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

If today is the day you want to get it done, I thing you should do it.

Today is Wednesday 09/19/V3.3 & It starts with a Hello.

Well I got work today, then I got more work today.

The numbers that matter are somewhere around 42/60. At 1 job the work I do in 42 mins covers a full 60. YES the 42 is the part-time job. I shouldn’t have done the math.

The word of the day is bollix which is to do (something) badly; bungle (often followed by up): Why I have a new word I can use cause I’m a gentlemen.

I’ve watched the Mitt’s 47% video. Even if you disagree with his comments. YOU know what Barack has done, he has had 1,338 days since Tuesday 01/20/2009 at 11.01 VST. We know what he can & can’t do. It is time to give someone else a chance. Would you go back to an ex-romantic partner, or employer that didn’t do write by you?

I’ll take that as a now, if it isn’t a NO. Then don’t blame anyone but yourself.

Have a GREAT day!!