My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Tuesday. So I found this note at about 86th & Dodge.


I sure hope this person or persons got done what they got done what they needed on Monday! It was a wonderful ride in, if you follow me on instagram, twitter, or foursquare. You know all about it. Well work starts in 15 mins, so I better get to it. Tase Me Bro. Someone did say they didn’t bite, but if they did then I could get a work place injury.

The day was good.

I officially became the Vice President of Communication for Omaha Young Republicans. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I will do Omaha YR proud.

I rode home, it isn’t suppose to rain today so I had to get in the ride. Expecting rain tomorrow & Thursday, so I’m not going to be riding.

Apparently yesterday I violated some tos by posting my phone number on a website. OH WELL!

So as I’m riding home I get to 72nd & Dodge. A authorized official of the Omaha Police Department stopped in FRONT of the stop line, then he or she decided to turn on the lights and go though the intersection. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t an emergency. That reminds me of the person who was at 72nd & Dodge Southbound who was stopped in front of the line. What is the world coming to, & why can’t people drive?

I hope you have a GREAT Wednesday. I know we will.