Golf, Home, Nap, & Meeting

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

I’m starting my day with Gold, then a Nap, then a Meeting.

Today is Monday 09/10/V3.3 & no I’m not some CEO of a fortune 500 company.

I’m just a guy with a job that takes me to the golf course once a year & I don’t even play a round. NOT that I would want to, but then I did have that crazy notion of running today. Which didn’t happen, but it wasn’t because I said no. The timing was all wrong for us, of course I wasn’t doing this alone.

Yeah MUD is back & they are about to crank up the heavy machinery. image They also decided that dragging the trailer ramps was a good idea instead of picking them up. They aren’t right outside my window any more. They moved down about 30 meters.

BOOM – Just thought of the 1st Song of the Day after starting this part of my entry. It is posted before this one though, timing is everything.

The word of the day is primrose which is pale yellow.

So that’s what I’m doing today, how about you.

Make it a great Monday!