Back Where He Belongs

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

My TV monitor is back where he bleongs.


Today is Wednesday 09/05/V3.3 & we are rolling in on Day II of our VI day journey at work.

YES I had to switch my Saturday 09/15/V3.3 for Sunday 09/09/V3.3 so I can work at my other job. That’s how I roll.

So far today I got my tire changed, all ready to go.  Check my instagram for details.

So today is a simple day, go to work. Work at Work, go home. Relax at home. YES I’m able to be convinced to alterations to that schedule. You know how to reach me, CMSq’d.

The word of the day is cacology which is defectively produced speech; socially unacceptable diction.

So should I tackle the news issues in Omaha or leave that alone to the big guys?