My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Labor Day,

We got all our laundry put away, Good Job Team!!!

To all the people who worked at their job or jobs today. I appreciate you doing it for me.

Today is Monday 09/03/V3.2 & it was a great day. We are now posting post-day because we left the house at 07.00 this morning, came home nap, watched some TeeVee & Movies.

Then we went & did laundry, but clearly you would know this if you followed me on twitter and/or instagram. See what you be missing out on hommie?

So yes, the $5 bill. I promised you more on the social networks that I use. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing reintroduced the $5 bill in MMVI $5 bill in MMVI. The change machine at Duds ‘N Suds doesn’t recognize the VI year old bill. It entered circulation on Thursday 03/13/2008. It’s been 1,635 days & they still haven’t fixed the machine. This is a shame.  Apparently  Sonja is responsible for the New Currency Program at the Federal Reserve. Apparently there is some creasing that is causing problems & they haven’t heard of the full-size option for videos.

The word of the day is ataraxia which is a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquility.

My day was very tranquil, I had no issues to report.

I even got the chance to see Mug Shot Round-up.

I didn’t wash dishes, I also didn’t make any promises that I would do that. So there is no issue.

BTW if you haven’t seen me in a while visit Vernon J’s Photos | Photographs by Vernon J to see me.

I hope you have a GREAT week, I’m on my way to that.

P.S. I found my remote. Yes a high Majority (total population less two) wasn’t aware that it was missing.