My Evening Report

Good Evening & hooker heels.

I could’ve helped it, but I chose not to. Is that going to be a problem?

Oh it is? Look below for how I feel about that.

Now that we got that out of the way I can continue with my awesome 134th edition of My Evening Report.

It is currently 16.39 & I wrote chinese for the first time today. If I remember I’ll get a picture of it for you readers.


Cause I feel that I love you & I want you to be aware of my awesome ability to copy chinese from a computer screen.

More to come later, have to be back to ‘work’ in IV mins & I need to refill my drink container.

It feels SO GOOD outside!

Nope I’m not married yet & my mom stopped cooking for me I learned how to do it way back in 1994. I also don’t smoke, cause its bad for you. NOT a lot of Yes in that conversation. Its okay cause I still got a smile on my face.

So as I was riding home I saw the moon behind a moon size cloud. It was an amazing site.

This is Vernon J’s blog & Vernon J is writing it. I feel great about whatever I write on it.