My Evening Report

I’ll keep this one short. I have to be out of the door by 7.30, okay may 08.00 at the latest tomorrow.

But that means I need to get up at 06.45. 45 mins is already cutting into my ‘ready time’

I do have one thing I want to say though.

Dear Paul Quinn College you are OFF the list of potential colleges that I had no interest in.

Paul Quinn College In Texas Removes All Pork Products From Campus, How dare you remove pork from your campus.

Michael Have a Good Day Sir. I said have a Good Day Sir.

Kelsel Have a Good Day sir. I said have a Good Day Sir.

Today’s Blog Entry

Good Afternoon & Happy FNP.

I guess I owe you a blog entry pre-work, but don’t worry there will be one post-work too.

Today is Friday 08/17/V3.3 & it is the weekly FNP time.

I was going to post a short entry, we will see.

Today is a soccer match that I’ve been looking forward too since Tuesday. When I found out I was going. The first kick is at 17.30 at the UNO Soccer field. LET’S GO MAVS!

The word of the day is phthisis which is a wasting away.

Well I’m going to grab something to eat & then head to work.

Vernon J out.

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