My Evening Report

This is what I do at work?

We work hard, or like I indicated to Tori, my fingers are bleeding. It was a slow day here.

So my ‘co-worker’ asked what department I was in. I said the crappy one, she said which one? This is what I have to deal with.

I was also given a compliment about the way I carry myself. She (different co-worker) said she can tell that the Transaction Review Department isn’t it for me. I agree, let’s get aboard the train. ‘Choo-choo’.

I think that’ll be my # of the day Saturday. #ChooChoo.

Okay back to ‘work’ current time is 19.17

Well we have a LOONNNGGGG weekend ahead. BUT Vernon J & the family is ready for it, right?

I still have 2 full shifts of work at First Data. Less the 3 hours that I’ll be working at the UNO Soccer Game. Iowa State Cyclones are coming to  the 68106 to take on the Mighty Mighty Mavs. Did you know that starting in MMXIII the UNO Soccer Team will be playing at the newly renovated Caniglia Field. New things in store for Omaha’s Team. I say you get over to & buy your tickets right now.

I’ll make a deal with you, since you are an ‘exclusive’ reader of The Official Blog of Vernon J. I’ll cover the costs of your ticket. Just tell em Vernon J sent you.

Saturday there is the ALS walk at Werner Park is at 09.00. Come support this team.  Walk to Defeat ALS®: Omaha Walk

This week’s FNP is proudly sponsored by Paid Time Off Vacation & Paid Time Off Personal, cause that is what I’m using to attend the game later today.


I took this picture after I discovered a hole in my bed. I wanted to be all artsy. I was it is Awesome. I got lots of like on instagram which is a good way to measure if people like a photo.  NO I didn’t eat the hole in there, but it is now in my belly (somewhere).

Well here is to the BEST FNP this week.


What’s in Store

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

So what’s in store for us today?

Today is Thursday 08/16/V3.3  it is 8 days after the 8th in the 8th month.

Is that a coincidence?  It isn’t it happens every 16th of August.

Here is the Menu of McDonalds in India. McDonald’s in India. I can tell you that there url/hyperlink text is broken.

So far I discovered that isn’t the best or family friendly site. See previous post.

I listened to Scott this morning with Adam of Nebraskans for Civic Reform, they were talking about (the lack of) Voter ID in Nebraska. I didn’t talk in a loud manner once, I just stuck to the facts.

The word of the day is belletristic which is related to literature regarded as a fine art, especially as having a purely aesthetic function.

I have to swing by campus to fill out my I-9, apparently my id has expired & I have to fill out a new form. I don’t have to tell you how stupid this is, seeing how I’m still the same person I was before my id expired.

The weekend is here & I hope you enjoy it.

My PInterest Experience

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,


I logged into & saw photo 1 this morning.


I unfollowed everyone on my list because I thought someone was pinning adult material. This is Photo 2 , I still get adult themed pins.


I opened an inconito window & went to & got photo 3.


Would you care to explain to me how this could happen?

The following pictures may not be safe for work OR IF YOU HAVE RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

I am VERY disappointed in what happened & am awaiting a response from PInterest.


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