Still Beautiful

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

We are all still B-E-A-Utiful. Even when we have that little druel hanging out the corner of our mouth when we’re are sleeping.

Today is Thursday 08/08/V3.3 & it is going to be a GREAT day.

It is suppose to be 34 – degrees with NO chance of rain in the Omaha metro. Yipee, couldn’t be happier to celebrate something that I have no control over.

You know that moment when you think about (texting someone) & you wake up with an e-mail update. Yeah that happened today.

For the record I won’t miss “you two” being there. I told her that, but what I didn’t tell her was. NOT something I’m going to put on a blog that EVERYONE (including Mutual of Omaha Employees read) can see.

Oh look Walgreen’s is getting some bread.


I’m clearly outside, incase you couldn’t put that together from the picture & my twitter post to Linda.

What else can I share with you this morning. I have 1 hour & 49 mins to go.

The word of the day is concatenate which is to link together; unite in a series or chain.

Well I haven’t thought of anything in the last 42 minutes, so here you go.

Twitter Updates for 2012-08-15

Does Green Grass Matter

On Wednesday 08/08/V3.3 i asked if Green Grass Matter.

Here is the result of the poll. 

Does Green Grass Matter?

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I didn’t put my opinion on it cause I didn’t want to sway my reader either way.

Irrelevant of what the poll says, Green Grass doesn’t matter.

Think about all the resources you are using to keep it green. Nature is a wonderful & complex systems. It know what it needs & we are just here for a little while.

Can we let it do what it needs to do?