My Evening Report

Good Evening & ole Happy Change in my schedule.

So if you know anything (about me), you’ve know that I’ve had this awesome job since August 2008.

Start of my 5th year, been doing it though my Food Bank for the Heartland & First Data tenure. No the FD tenure isn’t over yet.

I know have Thursdays & Saturday’s off. Saturday’s I’ll be working, unless I’m not. You know how it is.

I had a good day, now it is time to relax before bed.

The State of forever

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

The State of Forever is right now.

Today is Tuesday 08/14/V3.3 & it will be a day to be proud of.

Whatever we do now will be with us forever. So make sure you are okay living with whatever you do.

So far today I’ve watched 2 episodes of Grimm, it is a good series so far. I didn’t realize that it came out in October.

I also watched a video from Brittany on Twitter, if you pay no attention to her boobs. After a Scientific Method conducted on her YouTube channel, she is proud of her boobs. It’s Only Sexist When Men Do It – YouTube.

I’ve also watched Meet the Liberal Elite!

I don’t agree with 100% what’s in that video, cause I wasn’t giving it my FULL & undivided attention. Maybe if watch it again, I’ll get it narrowed down to what I agree & disagree with in the video.

The word of the day is aseptic which is Free from the living germs of disease, fermentation, or putrefaction.

I hope you have a GREAT Day.

Don’t forget to vote in my Poll, as I will post my results tomorrow. My Evening Report from Tuesday, 08/07/V3.3


Quotes from the World for Tuesday 08/14/MMXII

Kindness is a virtue neither modern nor urban. One almost unlearns it in a city. Towns have their own beatitude; they are not unfriendly; they offer a vast and solacing anonymity or an equally vast and solacing gregariousness. But one needs a neighbor on whom to practice compassion.

Phyllis McGinley
Phyllis McGinley (1905–1978), U.S. poet, author. “A Garland of Kindness,” The Province of the Heart (1959).

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