My Evening Report

Good Evening & How was your Monday?

Did you hear the good news? Well did you?

I had an interesting time today at the ole laundry mat.  You remember that time you had to call the police on someone smoking drugs in the laundry mat? OH that never happened to you. Then I guess we can’t discuss how that made you feel.

So I went to the Omaha Public Schools Board Regular Schedule meeting, they are on Every Other Monday at 16.30. The issue that was of importance to me is getting quality leadership on the board.

The people who voted to remove Freddie & therefore have my support. Board Member Kersten, Sandra, Nancy, & Justin.

The people who voted to retain Freddie & therefor do not have my support. Board Members Bambi, Mary, Marian, Nancy, Mary, Shirley, Barbara, & Freddie.

Shirley is my Representative & her term is up in 2014. We will sit on that for now. All terms are either up this year or up next year.

I wanted to go see The Blind Side at Midtown Crossing. I did, I wish other things were that easy.

Have a good Tuesday.