My Evening Report

Good Evening & How was it?

The 1st day of August MMXII is about to come to an end.

If you don’t have anything to smile about, look at this brand new coins.



I had a good day, 1 more long day for the week & I’m back to normal.

Just for the record I don’t like ‘looking tired’ I’m glad that you* didn’t see me today.

Happy August

Good Morning & Happy August,

YEAH, it is the start of the 8th month of the 34th year of Vernon J.

Today is Wednesday 08/01/V3.3 & we are going to make the most of it, right?

How is the most powerful computer & graphics processor being used?

YES this is true, you do have it. It is called the cerebral cortex, if you don’t know what that is I’ll let you use your cerebal cortex to figure it out.

We get a new start every morning when we awake, today we get a bonus in a brand new month.  Make the most of it.

Have you hold Rachel’s In Your Arms yet?

Well if you haven’t heard it, here is your chance. It feels more religious than country to me, it doesn’t make me full all lovey dovey inside.

The word of the day is incondite which is Ill-constructed; unpolished: incondite prose.

Have a GREAT Month!

I have to work on  another goal for this month.

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