A Governor from LA & a Senator from AZ.

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

I had the pleasure of Meeting Senator Kyl of Arizona born in Oakland, NE raised in Wayne, NE. He is a great person & am glad I got to hear him speak.

Today is Saturday 07/14/V3.2 & I got to spend 5/24ths of Friday & 17/24ths of the day in Grand Island, NE.

on Saturday I got to spend some time as Sergeant – at – Arms.  Order was kept, but I don’t want to take responsibility for it. It was a team effort. I got to hear the Bobby Jindal speak. Visit his site for more information. He is the 55th Governor of Louisiana. He is 1 of 9, his father was the 1 of 9 siblings to get past 5th grade. Congrats Mr. Jindal on being the first.image

The word of the day is baccate which is berrylike.

This is late because I got up at 06.00 and I was at the golf course by 07.00. I hope you won’t hate me cause I am beautiful.