My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Saturday,

The Day started off with me relaxing on the couch. I went back to bed cause it wasn’t 09.58. My schedule waking time. BUT it’s all good.

I know you all came to read the 91st edition of My Evening Report about the in-laws. You’ll have to read though the rest. HA – HA.

So I thought I was a loud talker. But several of the people I associate with from 14.30 to 23.00 Tuesday – Saturday are quite possibly louder. I will have to make sure that I work on my voice level. <- Self improvement right there.

I also went & helped out The Salvation Army, and the Omaha Fire Department. image

You can say it is hot but you aren’t out there fighting fire in it. So SHUT-IT That’s all on that topic.

Okay now that you’ve read though all of the salad and bread portion of the meal. It it time for the meat & potatoes. .

I posted a teaser about, mother-in-lawas, father-in-lawas, and in-law’s in general.

He may have a difficult family to deal with.

WELL I have a solution for that. 

I know a guy who liveabout   blocks down from the river, who came from a broken home. He has no family ties. His name is (wait for it).

Vernon J.

You’re Welcome!