My Evening Report

Good Evening & HaHa.

So someone asked me, if anything exciting was happening at my ‘main job’. Did pigs learn to fly?

Cause their ain’t anything exciting happening at First Data. Even when I get 200%+ productivity.

It was a good day, I had a meeting of non-social activity, contrary top what you may have read on twitter. Yes I posted that.

I’m really happy that you’re on your honeymoon. This means I don’t have a chance, right? Just checkin.

So what did the bear say to the rabbit?

So I had someone who donated to ‘a certain organization’ she said “She wanted them to win” Well I maintin my professionalism, but I wanted to shout. Well that’s too bad, I don’t want them to win. I hope that every one listed on that ballot loses on November 6th.

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Look Around

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

It may be the last day of July MMXII, but it is just the beginning.

Today is Tuesday 07/31/V3.3 & it is the start of my weekly marathon.

IF you look around you can find the beginning of anything. Make it worth it.

The word of the day is matte which is having a dull or lusterless surface.

I need to get breakfast in my belly.

Have a GREAT day.


Quotes from the World for Tuesday 07/31/MMXII

Modesty is the only sure bait when you angle for praise.

Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield, 4th Earl
Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773), British statesman, man of letters. letter, May 17, 1750, repr. in The Letters of the Earl of Chesterfield to His Son, vol. 2, no. 225, ed. Charles Strachey (1901). (1774).

Twitter Updates for 2012-07-31

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Monday.

Who had a good day? Vernon J did! Did you?

I went out Geochaching & had a good time.

See me having a Good Time?

Vernon J having a Good Time

Well my 1730th week starts tomorrow. Can you believe it has been that long?

I hope your week is off to a grand start.

A Day that YOU MAKE!

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

Today is a Day that YOU make, not him, not her, not somebody else. You are holding the reins, now make the most of it.

Today is Monday 07/30/V3.3 & it is Sara’s Birthday. Happy 28th Birthday Sara.

So I have already washed dishes & caught up on #TeamUSA events from London, England.

Boy I sure wish that the Olympics happened every two years. <- someone said that.

Apparently she hasn’t heard of these Winter Olympics, she has so much to learn.

The word of the day is usageaster which is a self-styled authority on language usage.

I hope you have a great day.

So today I’m going on my 1st geocaching event, EVERYONE is welcome to attend, unless I have called you & told you you can’t come. You know who you are.

I also need to do laundry today & some other things.

BUT for now I’m done blogging, see ya for my next one.

Quotes from the World for Monday 07/30/MMXII

It has been years since I have seen anyone who could even look as if he were in love. No one’s face lights up any more except for political conversation.

Margaret Anderson
Margaret Anderson (1886–1973), U.S. editor and memoirist. The Fiery Fountains, part 1 (1951).

Twitter Updates for 2012-07-30

A little

/VGood Morning & Happy Sunday,

A little bit of this, A little bit of that. This is what keeps me going, I don’t know what the little bits are, but they make me happy.

Today is Sunday 07/29/V3.2 & it is just 2 full days left in July MMXII. Are you going to make the most of it?

I don’t know what I’ll be doing today, I don’t imagine it will be much. I might go for a nice walk, but NO pressure. Because I don’t put myself under pressure, like other people. Stress causes grey hair & I don’t want grey hair. I don’t actually care, I’m not that vain.

The word of the day is traject which is to transport, transmit, or transpose.

What are you doing today?