Part II

Heee, Heee.

The previous post was suppose to be a draft, but I hit publish. You would’ve eventually read it, right?

Well let’s start with that my alarm wasn’t set with 04.58 today, that’s okay. I’m still walking the walk & talking the talk.

There were no other kind of people at Vernon J’s Magic Shop about midnight, no matter what the internet indicates. Cause quite frankly if there ‘other kind of people’ were there & I didn’t take advantage of our time together. I WOULD BE UNHAPPY.

I need to get a steady source of secondary source of income, if anyone know of any part-time stuff before 10.00 or overnight. Please let me know, thanks.

This week’s FNP hasn’t been annouced yet, but it is here.

This week’s FNP is proudly presented by the European Union & banana’s & oranges.


So there we have it.

Enjoy your weekend.