My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy FNP!

This week’s FNP is brought to you be Truth, Lies, & Dreams.

So Earnie Chambers has never bought a sign or lived in District 11 in the last year.

But here is a yard sign (from 103rd & Blondo) 

The sponsors of this week’s FNP is
Truth – cause that will set you free & I respect it.
Lies – cause we’ve all told one this week, I’m trying to remember what I lied about. I think it was doing laundry on Monday. I did it Tuesday.
Dreams – Dreams give us hope for our future. I emphasis our future, cause we don’t dream alone.

Cows, Cows, & More Cows.

Well I’m drafting this at 14.22.

Nothing amazing happened between 14.22 & 22.25 that I wish to share OR ACTUALLY happened. I just worked, okay?

What’s a guy gotta do?