Startin’ with Me

Good Morning & Happy FNP!!!

If I had a dime
For half the things I did
That didn’t make no sense at all
I’d be living a little higher on the hog
If only I’d have known
That later on down the road
I’d look back and not like what I see
I’d have changed a lot of things
Startin’ with me

I was talking to someone was upset about a TeeVee Show. It was really unnecessary & a TeeVee Show. So this song came to mind.

Today is Friday 05/18/V3.2 & it WILL be a great day.

I am eating breakfast right now & then I need t o head out. My neighbor also helps with the computer. I respect my readers to give them a quality entry before I start my day.

Here’s my breakfast. image YUMMY in Vernon J’s TUMMY.

We are on Day III of Day IV for work at First Data.

I have One Goal today & it has very little to do with work. So wish me success in this endeavor. It’s just a simple request & I’m shooting for it.

The word of the day is pip which is to peep or chirp.

Enjoy your FNP!!!