My Evening Report

Have you ever driven home in a lighting storm, it is a great experience.image

Here is a picture of the hard work that nature does for us.

Speaking of my automobile, I went & had an oil change I had it done early. The Needs Maintenance light was flashing longer than before it used to.  Every thing was green, which means good.

Just a couple more points I want to hit on tonight, before I live you with this.

3 GREAT songs I heard on the drive home.

  • Rascal Flatts – What Hurts the Most
  • Colbie Caillat – I Never Told You
  • Tim McGraw feat Faith Hill – I Need You.

Maybe if I’m really thoughtful I’ll post those songs right here on The Official Blog of Vernon J. but don’t pressure me.

Number 2.

Someone has secured the rights to sloppy joe for lunch tomorrow. I’m having steak fries & they don’t reheat well in the micorwave, so I’ll have a HQ lunch & a MQ dinner tomorrow. or whatever, meal II & meal III.