My Evening Report

I didn’t provide you with a quality blog entry this morning. So that means you get two for the price of FREE. Cause reading my blog doesn’t cost.

Good Night & Good Morning (depending on what time you read this).

Today is Monday 04/09/V3.2. Did you read that correctly Monday 04/09/V3.2, that means we are 2 months away from my Birthday. Get on with the partying.

So I went to bed a little after midnight on Sunday. IF you follow me on twitter, or got a facebook post, you would have noticed that I was up around 02.59 (give or take 30 to 45 mins). I’m still working on my sleep schedule.

Speaking of work how was yours today? Both my jobs went well today. I started training for Analyst II at First Data. I’m also working on a Fundraiser for Vernon J for Legislature. You can come for $25 because you are a friend of mines. That’s a 50% discount, btw everyone who read this except E.K. who isn’t on facebook with me. HaHa.

The word of the day is cumshaw which is a present; gratuity; tip.

See these unbaked biscuits? Tomorrow's HOT bread

I also have some Seedless Blackberry Spreadable Fruit to put on them once they come out of the oven. YEAH, it is going to be yummy.

That is ALL for Vernon J for the night. Probably because you are sleep & I don’t want to disturb you.

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