Windows Down, we roll.

Good Morning & Happy FNP!!!

Apparently I left my window down in the motorized chariot last night. We roll on though.

Today is Friday 04/06/V3.2 & it is the last day of me being an Anylast I & the ‘first‘ day of me loving you? Do you love me? WHO ARE YOU!!!

Well I started the morning by preparing dinner, this doesn’t include the time I was posting on twitter. image There is tonight’s dinner, I can’t decide between eating the Mac & Cheese or having rice. I’ll have to decided about an hour from now(currently 11:04).

I have to make a stop at FedEx to get some campaign material printed.

I’m planning to not stay till 23.00 cause I have things to do that start near/at 10.00 come Saturday Morning. It is also Jennifer’s Birthday, Paul & Jennilynn’s Wedding. That’s just what I know about.

The word of the day is agley which is Off the right line; awry; wrong.

There finally it’s done. It only took me about XVIII minutes from G to !

Have a Wonderful day!!!!!