My Evening Report

Well I did get a nap in between 11.00 & 12.00. Even with the sirens being tested.

This morning I saw the FedEx guy outside my window. I was like that’s not for me. Therefore I wasn’t inclined to ‘prepare’ & go see. image The package WAS for me. So I’m rolling down Underwood St & see the FedEx truck. I pull in & stop the guy & inquire if he is the 40th & Cass delivery guy. He was, I then retrieved my package. I wasn’t chasing the delivery guy down, but it sure felt like it.

The package is for #4SqDay which is on April 16th. I think I’m going to have to crown Jim as my stand in, as I will be in training. You know cause I got that promotion at work.

I’m also counting the hours to Titanic 3D, which I know I’ll be going to see on Sunday. I’m also in the 66 hour window to Paul & Jennilynn’s wedding & still need an escort. If you’re reading this OR hearing about this. Help a Vernon J out. Please? I have a pretty smile.

Did you see what I had for lunch? This is a public accessible blog, so EVERYONE can read it. I guess if you can read this, you already know about my photo blog. See

There is an arrow, that means something important has happened.

I think I’ll add some more Blog Roll Links. Yes they will all be links to my blog. You’re welcome!!!

Wednesday 04/04/V3.2 was a good day.