Relationship Rights

Once we’ve tried a romantic relationship & then it ended.

You have NO say so in who I can date.

You’ve had your shot & (in this case) YOU BLEW IT! 

Sometimes #LOL isn’t the answer

When you get a text that involves a deep conversation. LOL isn’t the right response.

I ripped my socks while putting them on. LOL is okay.

I’m at Helzberg Diamonds & wondering what your ring size is. LOL isn’t okay.

Neither one of those has happened to me in the last 6 months.

Protecting the identity of the innocent.

Twitter Updates for 2012-01-28

Well kisses to you, & a hand hold for me.

Good Morning & Happy Saturday.

Doesn’t the title say enough?

Today is Saturday 01/28/V3.2.

It is Michelle Harvat’s Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Michelle.

It is Noelle Blood’s Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Noelle.

Happy Birthday to everyone else that at some point told me it was there Birthday, but I didn’t write it down. Okay, actually type it into your contact info. I don’t actually write birthday’s down, that way I don’t ever forget.

Well the MDA Walk for Omaha is today, so in about 32 mins I need to be heading to Westroads Mall. I’m almost there, not really.

The word of the day is birr which is A whirring sound. The blood moving though the heart is birring. I thing that is the adverb of that song.

Whaat else will I be doing today?

If you follow me on twitter, why don’t you follow me? NO excuse its free

Have a Superb Saturday!