You can change my answer

Good Morning & Happy Saturday.

You can change the answer to question 8. 

Today is Saturday 01/21/V3.2.

We are working on getting a group together to watch Omaha’s Team Saturday Hockey game from Mankato. If we can get a good group of people together Fox & Hound could be persuaded to put the game on.  Contact them via twitter The_FoxAndHound or call their Wright St. location at 402-334-3133. Thanks for all your help in getting this on.

I have a meeting this morning at 11.00 in downtown Omaha. You’re welcome to come, I’m not going to tell you where. Okay, Okay, I will.  It’s at 1403 Farnam St.

I’ve had breakfast this morning & it wasn’t dull & tasteless.

The word of the day is remora which is an obstacle, hindrance, or obstruction.

Have a GREAT day.