Quotes from the World for Saturday 01/14/MMXII

Presumption is our natural and original malady. The most vulnerable and frail of all creatures is man, and at the same time the most arrogant.

Michel de Montaigne
Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592), French essayist. “Apology For Raymond Sebond,” The Essays (Les Essais), bk. II, ch. 12, Simon Millanges, Bordeaux, first edition (1580).

Twitter Updates for 2012-01-14

Keep Your Smile

Good Morning & Happy Saturday!

Keep Your Smile, even when it seems like the people are trying to beat you down.

Today is Saturday 01/14/V3.2, its time to stand up with pride.

Last night was a night, boy nothing bad happened. But I wanted something good to happen & it didn’t.

The word of the day is desinence which is a termination or ending as the final line of a verse.

I’m up & about already. Been up since 07.00 & had breakfast.

To Be continued.