The FNP is here.

Its 19.02 on Thursday!

Vernon J & the family proud to annouce that the FNP is here.

This week’s FNP is PROUDLY presented by Banana Walnut Bread & winter road construction.

Who doesn’t love those to things?

It’s a 3 year deal

Today is Thursday 01/12/V3.2 & its a do what we need day.

I had an appearance at First National Bank & I’m going to eat lunch here soon.

I’m taking words & making a big deal about em.

The word of the day is bonny which is Pleasing to the eye. When I went to the bank, the lady said she liked the picture on my operators licence.

There is NO laundry today, as I did what I need to do yesterday.

Hope your 1st half of Thursday was Terrific & Better for the rest.


Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

More to come at a later time.

Twitter Updates for 2012-01-12

In Her Own Words.

Food Bank for the Heartland (my favorite charity, that serves people in need).

The included a letter from an OPS teacher about the BackPack Program & how it Impacts Children in Need.

It is hard to be put on the spot and have to explain to you, in words, what the BackPack program means to our students and families. I would rather show you the absolutely radiant faces of my students the first time they learn they are going to be getting food, every week, for them and their family. I would rather show you the visabley thin and weak student who rubberbands his or her pants so that they stay up- because there is not enough food in the household. I would rather show you the weary face of a dedicated aunt who has taken in 3 or 4 nieces and nephews and suddenly has extra mouths to feed. I would rather show you the lengthy list of those families we already assist – and then show you the equally lengthy list of families who are waiting for help and who could also benefit from that small bag that represents a big help.

I cherish my time as a volunteer with the BackPack program because as an educator in our school systems, I want to make sure we have done every thing we can to help our students perform to the best of their ability – without having to preoccupy their time with thoughts of “When is my next meal?” or “Will Mom or Dad have enough extra money this week grocery shopping?” Sadly, because of all the worldly factors that impact Mom and Dad or Grandma or Auntie, it is our students and children who feel it most. And more often than not, they do so silently. The BackPack program helps those students, those moms and dads and those grandmas and aunties every single week. I am eternally grateful that our community has a program such as the Foodbank and the BackPack Program that invests so much time and energy and resources into fighting childhood hunger. And my students and I would be immeasurably grateful for any donation and help that the KAT listeners could provide to help keep the programs running.

I was asked, point blank, why I do it. Why I volunteer my already limited time as an educator. I still probably couln’t put it into words – but I can tell you I have SEEN it – firsthand – the difference the lack of food makes and the undeniable difference the constant presence of reliable meals makes for my students. And those images, from relieved faces to rubberbands on a student’s clothing, empassion me everyday to maintain my involvement nad support with the BackPack program. I hope your listeners will do the same.

Thanks for including this letter & expressing how Food Bank for the Heartland is working to Eliminate Hunger in Nebraska & Western Iowa. For every $1 that id donated to Food Bank for the Heartland they are able to distribute 3 meals. $1 a day can provide a days worth of food for someone right here in our neighborhood. Visit to donate funds, food, or your time.

Thank You for reading