5 Months


Can Verrnon J please have your attention?

Now that he has it.

Today is excatly 5 Months from his XXXIII Birthday.

That is all, here’s a pic.


Quotes from the World for Monday 01/09/MMXII

There, beyond the dykes

I heard wind flaking sapphire, like this summer,
And willows could not hold more steady sound.

Hart Crane
Hart Crane (1899–1932), U.S. poet. Repose of Rivers (l. 21–23). . .

New Oxford Book of American Verse, The. Richard Ellmann, ed. (1976) Oxford University Press.

What do we know & that’s how we do it.

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

Aren’t you happy to know what you know. We do it the best way we know how, right?

Today is Monday 01/09/V3.2 & it is a GREAT day!!!

Well isn’t it nice to wake up to the smell of a pork roast that has cooked overnight? I did, I put my dinner in last night before going to bed. Yummy in my Tummy very soon. I bet I’ll eat it for lunch though. That’s just how things are in my life right now. Going in at 10, 11, 12, or 14 really throws off my vibe. When I’m not ready for bed & wanting to have conversation they are usually sleeping. BUT that’s how it goes.

The word of the day is heterotelic which is having the purpose of its existence or occurrence apart from itself.

I found out that if your order flowers from FTD today for delivery on Valentine’s Day, which is on a Tuesday. You will get today’s prices. Just letting you know that you can save money & still get the same quality product.  You’re welcome for that little piece of information. I just did my Happy dance when I realized that Valentine’s Day is On Tuesday

Make it the best YOU CAN! 

Vernon J out!

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