Quotes from the World for Saturday 01/07/MMXII

For what we call illusions are often, in truth, a wider vision of past and present realities—a willing movement of a man’s soul with the larger sweep of the world’s forces—a movement towards a more assured end than the chances of a single life.

George Eliot
George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian) Evans] (1819–1880), British novelist, editor. Felix Holt, the Radical, ch. 16 (1866).

4th Song of the Day

Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine.

The 3rd song was Al Green – Let’s Say Together

The 2nd song was Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On

The 1st song was Jackson 5 – I’ll be There.

The 1st song was inspired about my attendance at the University of Nebraska Omaha Basketball game. GO MAVS!

What is my 5th song, at this point I’ve played it. About 08.25. Will I reveal the secret? Stay Tuned to Vernon-J.com, The Official Blog of Vernon J to see.

Twitter Updates for 2012-01-07

No Shirt No Shoes, so?

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

No Shirt, No Shoes, who cares about your service? I’ve got FREEDOM! According to Hartley Coleridge, Freedom is a rightly understood, a universal licence to be good. http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quotes_by/hartley+coleridge

Today is Saturday 01/07/V3.2, what happened on this day in history?

Nope nothing on my calendar as a historical event. But Amy Beth Castle’s Birthday is next week.  That’s a historical day, I believe it happened in 1978. Well ‘it’ happened in 1977

I’ve been up since 08.00 & haven’t done anything productive. But apparently I’m okay with that, because I shall continue this blog entry.

The word of the day is cimmerian which is Very dark; gloomy; deep. I started this entry off cimmerian, I’m glad its only superficial now. Actually in the time I started this entry, I’ve scheduled II more & MEGA posted on Google +, you can add me if you want to take the time to search.

Have a Super Saturday. Do what you want, but make sure it isn’t illegal, as those are illegal.