One at a time.

Taking Care of Business.

I had a really good meeting & was really happy with it.

I’ve got an answer to a question that I didn’t have to ask.

The situation is coming back to what I would be happy to do.

Thank YOU!

Twitter Updates for 2012-01-04

It could all start today.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

My life could change today & it all starts (officially) with a meeting. I’ve already had a few unofficial conversation with a Manager & Director.

Today is Wednesday  01/04/V3.2.

Wednesday is getting to be my favorite day, because its like a brand new week. I get to see you, so it’s kinda like Monday, which is my 2nd favorite day of the week. IT’S MY BLOG, I just had to say that.

I will be in the officer & I look really good when I wear a suit. (I’ll Be Right Back) IF I do decide to wear a suit, I won’t have to iron. I ironed a shirt yesterday & you dry clean suits. So that’s a win-win for me.

The word of the day is fetial which is concerned with declarations of war and treaties of peace. I hope that Commander in-Chief’s will focus on the last portion of fetial.

It’s been a good morning so far, I wake up to a text(twitter posting) from Maggie saying she  would send me a post card. I still love her. (in a NON-Romantic way). I really like post cards & other stuff.

What else can this entry be about?

Apparently it is National Spaghetti Day, I don’t know if I’ll be having spaghetti for dinner. But I will be having a Roast Turkey & Colby Sammich on wheat for lunch.

Have a Terrific Wednesday.

If you use foursquare, there will be 3 days here this week points.