Why I Choose Perry

This is posted at 21.36 VST & Fox News is saying Perry has a solid grip on 6th place.

I did my job & made the announcement to my friend NMA 08.06 so it wasn’t a secret. I texted her & I’m sure that they are reading my texts. I would.

There are many choices to do your research. I used a certain paper’s 2012 Republican presidential candidate bios. See here’s the link, so you can judge for yourself.

  • I’m not happy that the youngest person is 53. There are great strong candidates that are under 50, that were great candidates & Presidents. 9 Presidents under 50. I indicate this because we need leaders of our future & not of our present or past. IF Barack Obama is given the chance he will be about 51 when he is inaugurated.
  • My view on the international relations is that we need the UN to take a lead on ALL multi-nation conflicts. The pre-amble to the UN Charter explains it well. So bring our troops home & protect America. Thank You.
  • I don’t think any President, Candidate, Senator, or Representative should every say taxes are off the table. All the listed candidates lost points for this.
  • I agree with a flat tax & it shouldn’t be a choice. I think it should be somewhere between 15% & 20% as a National Sales Tax.  I wrote a speech for my class about it. You can view it here. I can’t find the video, but I did it. Rick Perry edged the crowd on this aspect
  • Healthcare Needs to be reformed, the bill that passed was too much at one time.
  • Immigration needs to be controlled. I’m not against a fence that will shock the waste out of people trying to get into our country illegally.

Based on the current crop of candidates I would vote for Rick Perry.

Change of Plans

See I told you I didn’t know what was happening.

I’ve already got a change of plans, outside of my control. Its an okay thing, nothing bad AT ALL!

But this change of plans, has already made my day better.

There is currently a meat loaf in the oven, that I shall be enjoying for dinner.  I also get to sit on the couch & do another entry.

I’m also having smashed potatoes with my meat loaf, I need to get salid though.

Twitter Updates for 2012-01-03

Thank You, Life.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday.

Steven Weber’s son said Thank you, Life!. He is eight years old.  I’m just as happy as Mr. Weber. I love life to the fullest & proud to be here.

Today is Tuesday 01/03/V3.2.

I don’t know what today has in store for me, but I can tell you that I’ll be ready when it comes at me. Let’s do this.

The word of the day is solecism which is a breach of good manners or etiquette.


As you go though the day. Keep in mind that is Julie’s Birthday today.

1st Song of the Day.

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