Movie, Theater, & Concert Tickets

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

Do you save movie & concert tickets? I do! But why was I saving a movie ticket, unless it was a first date, or the first movie after she said that ‘Vernon J I really like you & I think we should date’ movie, cause we’ve been to several movies before.  Why? This is aimed at a certain someone that isn’t named, but is a good friend. She probably doesn’t visit Vernon J, so I’m not too worried.

Today is Monday 11/14/V3.2 & it is a Happy Monday kinda day.

Phrase of the Week Vol. II Week XXVI is LIVE!

I took my pre-exam today & got a 66%, I need a 70% to become an insurance agent. I don’t need luck, I need to answer correctly.

We are 2 mins away from the 10.00 dance party. Right NOW Sugarland – All I Want to Do (Live) is playing on my pandora.

I also just scanned my official transcript from University of Nebraska Omaha, that proves(again) that I graduated from college. It saves me $1,000 if the above happens on Friday 11/18/V3.2.

Also on Friday Mojo Smokehouse & Ales is having a live karaoke night, (checking schedule), I am planning on going. You are welcomencouraged to come.

The word of the day is fascicle which is a section of a book or set of books published in installments as separate pamphlets or volumes.

Valentine’s Day is only 92 days away, 2,198 hours away, 131,870 minutes away. It is on a Tuesday this time, in addition the groupon for Omaha today is $30.00 for $50.00 worth of Floral Arrangement & Plants from Touched by Flowers. It’s a $59.95 value. Click >here< to take advantage of that deal.

  • You can send my flowers to: Vernon J 422 N. 40th St. Omaha, NE 68131
  • I also know a newscaster who probably would appreciate some, contact me for details.
I hope you have a GREAT day