Happy November & Can You Help

Good Morning & Happy November. 

Woodhouse, Kat 103.7, & Food Bank for the Heartland has come together for the Woodhouse Challenge. Lance and Becky Pittack have pledge 100,000, they are asking the employees of Woodhouse to donate 100,000, & together with Kat 103.7 are asking the community to donate 100,000.

Food Bank for the Heartland’s service area is  they are a Feeding America Food Bank.  If you aren’t in their service area, please visit http://feedingamerica.org/foodbank-results.aspx to find your Feeding America food bank.

As of this current time I’ve applied for two jobs today.

I’ve cleaned up 3 of my .com’s that I have created over the years.

I’ve sat through a majority of this show to watch Miranda Lambert perform Baggage Claim, her new CD Four the Record was released today. Can’t wait to get it, I’m trying to figure out if I should get the electronic version or get a hard CD.

The word of the day is aioli which is a sauce made of oil & eggs, usually flavored with garlic, from the Provence region of France.

I hope that you’ll contribute to the Woodhouse Challenge.  I’ve already done my part & I’m asking you to do the same.