Quick on the 3’s

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

A quick blog post on the 3’s, I guess it should’ve taken me 60 seconds or less, it didn’t.  It is the quality of time that I spend on these that make you come back & read.

Thanks for reading.

Today is Thursday 10/20/V3.2!

I’ve already applied for a job today & checked out a recommended place for a job.  They didn’t have anything in accounting though.

Today is laundry day. So I’ll be doing that.

The word of the day is tawdry which means Gaudy, showy and cheap. Don’t be tawdry when you head out on the town.

Have a GREAT day & be safe.  Watch out for Wild Animals.

What I chose

Dear Kim F. & the rest of the attackers.

I came across this letter on the Internet.

I also came across a response to this letter from Kim Fraczek.

Kim posted to facebook & allowed people to comment.  As I can’t comment, cause I don’t have a personal facebook account here is what I have to say.

I have to ask one question though.  At NO point did this person attack any person.

In the comment section there were some attacks, you letter kind of started it. I do hold you responsible for your actions & in-actions.  As someone who posted that, it is your duty to moderate negative comments.  Unless you are okay with that.  IF you are fine.

As I dig deeper & hear more about this ‘occupy wallstreet’, I still have to ask.  What are you doing to change the situation.  What is your ask & who are you asking?