No pop

I wasn’t supposed to have pop today or yesterday after my stop at Sonic.

I had one at dinner tonight.  So that means I can’t have any tomorrow.

Happy Monday, its 09.00, WHAT?

Good Afternoon & Happy Monday.

I woke up after 09.00, I apparently didn’t set my alarm.  I also don’t care that I didn’t set it.  Vacation is nice.

Today is Monday 10/10/V3.2.  Did you know that it is National Metric Week.  It is the 10th Month of the Year, that contains the 10th day.  How are you going to celebrate. This is a week I can stand behind.

The word of the day is titubant which is A disturbance of body equilibrium in standing or walking, resulting in an uncertain gait and trembling.

I hope you had a GREAT Monday!!!

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