Pulled Pork & Just

Good Morning & Happy Saturday!!!

The Pulled Pork is in the Crock – Pot. image

Today is Saturday 10/08/V3.2!

I’m hearing good reports that it is going to be an awesome & amazing day.

A little campaigning today, depending on time I might go to to Joe’s Karting in Council Bluffs.  Let’s go racing boys & girls.

There’s also the University of Nebraska Omaha Athletics Hockey game at 19.07.  It’s the undefeated Mavs vs. Colgate Raiders, who are 1-0-1.  Let’s go Mavs.  That emcee guy isn’t bad either.

The word of the day is pica which is an abnormal appetite or craving for substances that are not fit to eat.

What are you doing this Saturday?