Bananas for $0.30

Good Afternoon & Happy Sunday!!

A local grocer is celebrating their 30th Anniversary & selling us bananas for $0.30.

Today is Sunday 10/02/V3.2!

Here is a photo of my complete breakfast.

All a part of my delicious complete breakfast
Sunday Morning in America!!!


It a racing kinda day for me, my set is currently tuned into ESPN watching the racing coverage from Dover.  Let’s get a win for the Toyota team boys.

I woke up later than I normally do, thanks to someone calling me.  It was after 09.00, it was time to get up.  Not the call I was expecting though,  not that I was expecting a call today.  but there could’ve been a better call.  #JustSayin. I hope you get ‘the call’ from ‘that person’

After the race I’m heading out, I know that I’ll be going to the G-Store.  Might head out to VIII other places.  Don’t mess with the best.  I have the Power of Sinday!!!

The word of the day is mendacity which is a tendency to lie; untruthfulness.

Have a GREAT Sunday kids.

btw this is the 6th revision of this post.

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