Omaha IS a Bicycle Friendly Community

Good Morning & Happy Thursday “Bob” of “Omaha World​​-Herald”.

I was reading the “story” about Omaha being a Bicycle Friendly Community( I noticed that you had quotes around Bicycle Friendly Community. Just this morning when I got on Metro Route 55 Millard I brought my bike on the bus. Because I’m biking home in Omaha after work.

What was your intent on putting the quotes around Bicycle Friendly Community?

I don’t get paid to be a journalist, but I’ve been published a few times & I do have a blog. But I am set aghast at your use of the quotations!


“Bob” is on my ‘I am a poor journalist’ list.  There’s not an actually list, but if there was he’d be on it.


To appear fair & balance, I’m NOT!
Bob responded that

It’s to note the title of the designation. There was no editorial comment intended.

I still don’t like the implication & I know there is at least one more person out there who may not like it as well.

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-29

All I Can Be

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

All Vernon J can be is what he has been taught, learned, & experienced. Nothing more & don’t accept anything less.

Today is Thursday 09/28/V3.2.

Its laundry day for this guy. I also get to go pick up my camera, that I left at the hotel. I hope none of those pictures get out on the internet. Oh? I already put them on Http://, awkward. Don’t worry, there isn’t anything revealing or controversial.

II days left.

I also got in my II hugs for Hug II People Day yesterday, did you?

I had a good nights sleep.

The word of the day is woolgathering which is an indulgence in idle daydreaming.

Have a great day & limit the woolgathering.