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Happy FNP!!!

The FNP is here & it is proudly presented by the Free Shopping on Full-Priced Bra Purchase as offered by Victoria’s Secret.  Use code BRAs2U to get the discount.

Enjoy the FNP!!!

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-22

That’d Be

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

That’d be my e-mail that’s making that noise.

Today is Thursday 09/22/V3.2 & its laundry day.  Yeah, don’t wanna mess around with no dirty Vernon J.

I think I’ll make a stop at Bag ‘N Save & get some yogurt today. No other plans besides those two things.  Simple start to the weekend.  Trying to make some after work plans for the FNP.  We shall see.

The word of the day is rapine which is the act of plundering; the seizing and carrying away of another’s property by force.

Have a great Thursday & bonus pic.


Look at that tie
Just another day in the life.