This could be our hands

So when we were at MoJos Smokehouse.  You can draw on the table & I traced my hand & then it started smiling.

This could be us.
My hand smiles when it is holding yours.

Tonight, Hey, Hey! Postprandial

Good Morning & Happy Saturday.

Listening to Train & Martina McBride sing Soul Sister.  CMT has guaranteed me II hours of music.  They must be doing something different.

Today is Saturday 09/17/V3.2 & its a pants kind of day.  I am not as happy as I could be with the temperature right now. I knew at some point the pants free Saturday & Sunday would end.

The Benson Days parade is today, in theory I should be getting ready for that instead of blogging.  But I do what I want.

It is scheduled to rain & I left my umbrella at work. I hope I don’t melt.

The word of the day is postprandial which is Happening or done after a meal.  Currently postprandial

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