Calling all favors

I normally do laundry on Thursday, but I have a can’t miss event that I’m going to at 19.30.

I stayed in the office until about 17.20 today, & anticipate staying as late or later tomorrow.

I also have plans on the FNP, you see where I’m going with this?

I can’t emotional bring myself to do laundry on Saturday or Sunday anymore.  I’m eating get sick thinking about that possibility.

So we have two options here.

  • You could do my laundry for me, or
  • You could help me by giving me a reason to not go to the Thursday event.
If either options interest you, you know how to reach me.
Thanks a bunch.
Hugs & Kisses?

Quotes from the World for Tuesday 09/13/MMXI

The level of discourse in this country is falling to a depth that cannot be sustained.

Martin Frost

On Tuesday 09/06/V3.2 I had a twitter conversation with Susan about Unions.  This inspired this quote.

Mark DeMoss of the Civility Project says it best (from NPR).

More recently, NPR tackled this question when host Michel Martin talked with Mark DeMoss, of the online – based Civility Project. Also joining the discussion was Madea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, a grassroots movement that advocates for ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in a conversation about what constitutes civil discourse.

Mr. Demoss ended the interview with a responsible, clear-thinking observation: “Well, it’s a tough hill to climb, certainly, but I think this: I’d like to see us, on both sides of any issue, I’d like to see us increasingly wage ideological battles with words and ideas, and not with volume and tactics and antics. I think we’re losing this ability to debate with words and ideas and instead we’re debating with volume and shouting and those sorts of things. I don’t think it’s effective and… So there’s a practical reason.”

Indeed Mr. Demoss – you are a light in the darkness.

Thank You Mark

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-13

Non-Romantic Sense

If you’ve been friends (or known) each other for years. When you say ‘looking good’ do you have to say ‘in the Non-Romantic Sense’

Or is Looking Good a perfectly understood phase.

One person is happily married & WAS when the two people met.

~ Just Wondering

Doing the best I can

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

I’m doing the best I can & promise to continue to do that.

Today is Tuesday 09/13/V3.2!!!

I’m, anticipating bonus hours at work today, since I took 6/8ths of the day off yesterday. That’s how it goes, I anticipate this happening for the rest of the week.  The O! What A Duck Race is Friday.  Lots of duck adoptions coming in.  Call 402-714-4069 to adopt your duck today.  If you know my number, you can text me. My neighbor did it.

The word of the day is panache, which means Dash or flamboyance in manner or style.

Have a Terrific Tuesday & .