Twitter Updates for 2011-09-09

No, No, No.

Good Morning & Happy FNP!

No you can’t do this, No you can’t have this, No you can’t live by my rules.

Today is Friday 09/09/V3.2.

I’m formulating my plan to take over a new zip code this weekend.

Its going to be a good weekend, currently listening to, for some reason I mental screamed that this morning.  I LOVE YOU!  Wasn’t thinking about any person.  But it’d sure be nice to call someone & say I love you.

The word of the day is chichi which is affectedly trendy.  Vernon J isn’t that, I know this for sure.

What are you doing this weekend?

Have a great FNP!

Happy FNP!

This week’s FNP is here.

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Thanks Tie for all your hard work.