Twitter Updates for 2011-09-08

Uh…the watermelons taste sourish today….

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.  Today is Thursday 09/08/V3.2.

Today isn’t laundry day, because I did it yesterday. I even posted a video of said activity.  Okay it was the dryer, drying.  But I put them in the dryer.

Today I official challenge the Taco Ride to a duel.  A Vernon J & his bike enters.  A Vernon J, random texts & great ideas that make Vernon J smile exit.  It’s going to be legendary.  btw if you are doing the Taco Ride & want to transport me there, that’d be awesome.  I’d love you forever & ever.  Okay, I’d like you for quite awhile.  Love be a little strong.

The word of the day is inculcate which is to teach and impress by frequent repetition or instruction.

Remember when 43.58 – centimeter monitors where a big deal.  I can’t even have to 800 pixel windows side – by – side.  I like my 55.88 – centimeter, which I can.

Have a great Thursday.  Remember the 10.00!