Paled in comparison

Good Morning & Happy Monday. Today is Monday 09/05/V3.2.

Going to the SeptemberFest Parade in Omaha.

Going to make a cheesecake after that. Funny story, I thought we need eggs. I’m wondering who this we is, I don’t have a roommate & don’t anticipate getting one by time the eggs would go bad. I didn’t need eggs, I had enough for the cheesecake.  That’ll I’ll be working on after my nap.

The parade was good & now I’m home.  I need to eat me some lunch though.

The word of the day is paralipsis which is the suggestion, by deliberatly brief treatment of a topic, that much of significance is being omitted, as in “not to mention other faults.”.

I hope the rest of your Monday is awesome.

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