Twitter Updates for 2011-05-20

Up, Up, & Away

Today is Friday 05/20/V3.1.

Let’s get this party started, we are gonna rock this joint.

I get to go back to work today, I was off yesterday.  Its a tough thing to go back after a day off.  That’s why Sat & Sun are the best days off!!

I might pick up my BRAND NEW bed tonight, my 1st brand new bed in my adult life.  I don’t know if my parental units ever brought me one. I can’t be held responsible for their actions.

I don’t know what else I shall be doing to day, but it is very similar to WHATEVER I want!

Happy FNP with whatever you do.

The word of the day is foofaraw, which means Excessive or flashy ornamentation or decoration.

Have a GREAT Day!