@MikeBforBoss, no its not.

@MikeBforBoss I’m not biased, Dan doesn’t pay me.  I don’t think that network is a good network.  I’m on there, but I have two thing(fanpage & an invite) that I maintain.  I know how to call & e-mail people.  Post my pictures on http://Photos.Vernon-J.com, and blog on here.  So people know how to reach me & NO ADS!!!

Wore me out


The trip to the G-Store made me tired.

I’m glad I don’t plan on going out tonight.

Gonna enjoy my dinner & watch a movie.

Y’all know how to reac me if you want anything.

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-14

Massage, yeah right?

Good Morning & Happy Saturday!

Today Vernon J will be in a parade, it is part of Florence Days Celebration, click here for more info.

Depending on how long that goes, I could be seen at a movie theater. I could also go see it tomorrow. Currently the best time to see it is 14:35, which I don’t think works with the parade. There is also one at 17:20, but the last Route 15 eastbound leaves at 18:23, so that doesn’t work.  Obviously I’ll be going at the early time.

I’m having burritos for dinner, did you know that a similar item from a Taco (first name) is only 272.07 grams, I think burritos at the minimum should be 355 grams.  That’s a real burrito.

What else do I need to do today?

The word of the day is misnomer which means the misnaming of a person in a legal instrument, as in a complaint or indictment.

Have a GREAT Saturday & behave yourself.  I do have bail money, but if you call me you WON’T be getting out until Monday morning.


MMXII Road Trip to Nevada

Friday 01/13/V3.2 Leave Omaha at 05:00 drive to Denver, CO!

Arrive in Denver between 13:00 & 15:00, spend the day in Denver.

Day 2 – Saturday 01/14/V3.2

Leave Denver 05:00

Arrive in Vegas between 17:00 & 19:00. check into the hotel.

Day 3 – Sunday 01/1/V3.2

Spend the day in Vegas, David, Sky, or Jeremy gets married on day 3 & we celebrate the wedding in Vegas. I can’t get married cause its not May 29th.

Day 4 – Monday 01/14/V3.2

10:00 to 12:00 We hit the road for Reno, NV.  We arrive in Reno around 18:00 to 19:00, just in time to celebrate The Biggest Little City in the World. We also meet up with our new found friends from The Wolfpack & they show us around town.

Day 5 – Tuesday 01/14/V3.2

We spend the day in Reno & watch Omaha’s Team bring the noise.  We participate in the on-court entertainment, by any means necessary.

Wednesday we fly from Reno to Omaha. Flights are currently under $300.

We would need to rent a Mini-Van, because they are awesome. That’s also alot of being in a car with y’all.  I like y’all alot, but anything less would be a tight squeeze.