Twitter Updates for 2011-05-13

Want to be

Good Morning & Happy FNP!!!

Today is Friday 05/13/V3.1 & its the 2nd day of the weekend.

I like that its is today & I’m a hustler baby, not really I’m a ‘I like you & I wanna date you’ kind of guy.

At approximately 08:00 I will report to the office for 8.5 hours of work, so at 16:30 I will be checking into VernonTime Fun.Β  I am taking my bike, so I can get to the Fun Zone a little earlier than riding metro.

What’s going on this tonight, that I’d wanna go to.Β  You know how to reach me.

The word of the day is autodidact, one who is self-taught.

Enjoy your FNP!!!!